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The Old Bell Environmental and Community Statement

Here at The Old Bell Hotel we are very conscientious of the environment we work in and are pleased to have introduced the following initiatives.

Our central heating system has been modified to take into account the outside air temperature to regulate and reduce the firing time of our three boilers.

We have installed water heaters that are ‘on demand’ as opposed to stored hot water tanks and reduced the water temperature by several degrees.

Our walk-in fridges have had e-Cubes installed which reduce the frequency of the chilling of the fridges by monitoring the temperature of the food stored not by the frequent changes in air temperature caused every time the fridge is opened.

All cardboard is compacted and taken away for recycling. Rubbish is also compacted reducing the requirement of wheelie bins.

All paper is shredded and recycled.

All glassware and print cartridges are recycled.

Lighting has been addressed by the gradual introduction of energy saving bulbs to reduce electricity usage by up to 80% and a substantial decrease in heat emitted.

Staff are encouraged to walk to work and share cars whenever possible.

We ensure loft insulation is maintained and thickened as required.

Emails are used for internal communication whenever possible reducing paper and ink requirements. 90% of reservation confirmations are now emailed.

As a guest of the hotel we encourage you to consider environmental issues, perhaps re-using towelling instead of daily changes, turning off lights and televisions when not required and thinking about water usage whilst in the room.

Please also support the local community by visiting our local attractions and pop into some of our quirky shops.

We support many charities and local events to help our community to develop and move forward.